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Full taste – comes with full responsibility.


Paying attention to the details.

We pay particular attention to our resources because what goes into our products has to satisfy the highest criteria.

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What’s on the inside is on the outside too.

We at Lorenz Snack-World want you to be able to fully enjoy our snacks – and that means with a good conscience! That‘s why you can find the nutritional information of each snack on our packaging and on our homepage. At a glance, you can find out how much fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, sugar, fiber, protein and salt is in each product.

This way everyone can choose exactly what fits best with their eating habits and balanced diet.


Finding the right product.

Sometimes you just need something to crunch on, something crispy and savory. But sometimes you want to make a more conscious choice.

Whichever mood you are in: we have the right product to hit the spot.

Lorenz Snack-World has fat-reduced snacks, whole-wheat products or Naturals, where we have actively chosen not to use preservatives or artificial aromas – for a modern diet and sustainable lifestyle.