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NEW: Crustics – known to ensure an entertaining snack experience

Thin and crispy coated peanuts seasoned with popular flavors.

Crustics are thin and crispy coated peanuts seasoned with popular flavors and a unique texture. The innovative peanut snack is the experience of nibbling of the year in three different flavors.

In particular: Crustics is a completely new peanut snack by which the peanut is not completely coated but the tasty crackling of aroma is visible. This unique combination of peanuts with a crispy crunch ensures an entertaining snack experience. The range of Crustics consists of three popular flavors: “Hot & Spicy”, “BBQ” and “Nacho Cheese”, inspired by the world of potato chips. Crustics cater for all tastes!


The delicious snack nuts are available in a re-sealable bag – perfect for on the go, during a lecture, at work or at home. Crustics – known to ensure an entertaining snack experience.


Crustics Hot & Spicy (110 g): The exciting mix of heat of chillies and selected spices will make you want more and more.

Crustics BBQ (110 g): This variant with its smoky and sweet taste reminds of popular barbecue sauces.

Crustics Nacho Cheese (110 g): The intense and creamy cheese flavor will melt in your mouth.


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