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NEW: Crunchips Roasted - taste the adventure

The new Crunchips potato chips will convince you with three flavors and a wavy-cut body.


Spending time with good friends. Being outside, having a bonfire, relaxing. Something new and incomparable shouldn’t be missing. Taste the adventure! Crunchips Roasted is the new subbrand of Crunchips from Lorenz Snack-World - the ideal companion when you want to spend some easy and relaxing hours with your best friends after all these appointments and obligations.


Chips fans will be on fire for the four flavors “Spare Ribs”, “Smoky Paprika”, “BBQ Sauce” and “Grilled Onion”. These four hearty, tasty and intensive grill-flavors taste like straight from the barbecue und combine everything, what defines an adventurous flair. Crunchips Roasted come with a solid and long wave cut: it makes the chips crunchy without being hard.


Consumer who tested the new products in advance were enthusiastic about the new concept and 95% would buy the new range of Crunchips Roasted straightaway. Compliments were given to the pungent taste and especially the unique enjoyable crunchiness of the chips.


Crunchips Roasted Spare Ribs

The delicious grill-flavor of this variety combines the taste of savory, smoky Spare-Ribs and spicy marinade.


Crunchips Roasted Smoky Paprika

This spicy and smoky flavor tastes of grilled red paprika.


Crunchips Roasted BBQ Sauce

This variety offers a savory BBQ-flavour – sweet and spicy with a typical smoky note.


Crunchips Roasted Grilled Onion

The light sweetness and mild flavour resembles the perfect BBQ side dish.


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