Historical image: Women in a crisps production

Our History

1889 - today
  • Unternehmen_1889


    On July 1st, Hermann Bahlsen (1859 - 1919) takes over the company "Fabrikgeschäft Engl. Cakes und Biscuits" from H. Schmuckler in Hanover. He renames the company "Hannoversche Cakesfabrik H. Bahlsen" and production starts with a staff of ten.

  • Unternehmen_1905


    At the beginning of the century we take on the leadership role in technology and implement the first production line for packaging in Europe.

  • Company 1919-1930


    The death of Hermann Bahlsen on November 6th, 1919. A young leadership team, Hans, Werner and Klaus Bahlsen, restructures and modernises the company. By now, savoury snacks have also become a popular part of the range.

  • company_1935


    The birth of a salty legend! The first pretzel sticks - Salzletten from Bahlsen (today Saltletts Sticks) - are introduced into the German market. Klaus Bahlsen had brought the recipe back with him from a trip to the USA.

  • Unternehmen_1951


    The first automated chip production line in Europe! The presence of American soldiers increases the demand for potato chips in Europe. Heinz Flessner -a German mechanical engineer- establishes the company “Flessner KG” in Neu-Isenburg and supplies the US army with the first potato chips produced in Germany.

  • Unternehmen_1963


    We introduce the first peanut flips to the German market - ErdnußLocken! These delicious curls have been on sale in France since 1960 under the name “Curly”.
    By aquiring shares of the company Liebelt in Hamburg, Germany, the product range is enlarged further to include nuts.

  • Unternehmen_1964


    The "Hermann Bahlsen Keksfabrik KG" purchases shares of the "Flessner KG" Neu-Isenburg, Germany, and starts to distribute the Flessner products under its own Bahlsen name.

  • Unternehmen_1968


    The most modern chips factory in Europe at that time goes into production in Neunburg vorm Wald, Germany in 1968.

  • Unternehmen_1972


    To serve the higher demand for potato crisps, chips production starts in in Hankensbüttel, Germany in 1972 .

  • Unternehmen_1974


    Werner Bahlsen’s sons, Lorenz and Werner M. join the company.

  • Unternehmen_1985


    Bahlsen buys the remaining Flessner shares.

  • Unternehmen_1992


    By acquiring Polish Snack company „Unimarex“, Bahlsen expands its strategic investment in the growing Eastern and South-Eastern European markets.
    Also: Crunchips are launched – our most important chips brand to date!

  • Unternehmen_1993


    The Bahlsen Group is restructured into two segments: "sweet" and "snacks". The snack business is now operated separately and given a name of its own - "Bahlsen Picanterie". 
    Another milestone: NicNac’s are launched. This is the first monobrand on the nut market and the indisputable original coated peanut.

  • Unternehmen_1999


    Snacks go their own way! This is the beginning of the legally fully independent “Lorenz Bahlsen Snack Group”, which handles the snack business from its headquarters in Neu-Isenburg, Germany

  • Unternehmen_2001


    The logo changes from "Bahlsen Picanterie" to "Lorenz Snack-World".
    A marketing and sales unit is established in Austria to coordinate the core market Austria as well as the business in the Balkan region. This company is based in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee.  

  • Unternehmen_2003


    Salzletten becomes Saltletts! Lorenz Snack-World presents the new brand for pretzel products: Saltletts. Under this brand, completely new pretzel products, for example Saltletts Sticks Sesame, are launched.

  • Unternehmen_2006


    A new and more modern logo is introduced. The main element of the logo is our company name in handwriting.
    Production starts in a new, modern manufacturing plant in Stanowice, Poland. By acquiring the Polish company Polsnack, Lorenz Snack-World strengthens its position on the Polish snack market.
    In Russia, the business activities are strengthened with the establishment of a marketing and sales representation in Saint-Petersburg.

  • The Future

    There are always exciting things happening at Lorenz Snack-World and we look forward to what the future has in store for us.