Ways in which to lower our CO2 emissions

The reduction of CO2 emissions is the most important issue in climate protection. In our company there are a number of areas that we can target. We are particularly focussed on the areas of production and transport.

Photovoltaic systemWe will continue to expand our approach of supplying our production plants with electricity from renewable sources. Not only will we use green electricity but we will also install photo voltaic cells on suitable roofs.

Our production plants are fitted with modern, technical equipment to ensure that we use that electricity efficiently. This includes processes such as heat recovery from the outgoing air from our deep-frying and roasting equipment, which is then reused to heat water and to heat the building.

In terms of transport, careful planning goes into organising the transport routes and the vehicles used. Short supply routes through the use of locally sourced raw materials, the optimum use of storage capacity and the decision to transport goods by rail all lead to a reduction in unnecessary emissions.